Winston smith vs katniss everdeen essay

It was illegal, and she would be killed publicly if anyone ever found out but in order to survive, Winston smith vs katniss everdeen essay had to do what was necessary. Similar how the Soviet Union could not stand, but it did arise. The Capitol uses technology for defense, to control the Games, and to keep the residents of the Districts physically in line.

We know from experience that we are drawn to this form of entertainment, where alliances are made and broken, where morality is of necessity discarded, and where the only object is to be the last one standing.

1984 vs The Hunger Games

Panem, meanwhile, lives in a futuristic society, although relatively few of its citizens benefit from the advanced technology.

In both Oceania, the Outer Party and the Proles are diverted by alcohol, pornography and the constant state of war and promise of victory. C Pro disputes the actual existence of Eurasia and Eastasia in The entertainment in Panem is more subtle: Again I think these are important and well worth the read.

There were posters of big brother all across Oceania just as there were posters of Stalin all across the Soviet Union 4.

B Pro correctly states that Oceania does not require reality TV. In order for Oceania to come about, these aspects of Stalinism would have to be re-introduced and exaggerated manyfold.

Both the Soviet Union and relied both on propaganda and the deprivation of the common person. He claims "That the people in these dystopias will be exposed to ideas from our own societies" The important part for our debate is the rise of the society, not sustaining.

In Panem there is President Snow and his top officials, followed by the residents of the Capitol, followed by the residents of the first few districts who live in moderately better conditions than the others, and finally the remaining districts.

The only way to create a dystopia in this information age is with a combination of sedation and brute force -- e. Sociology is not as far advanced in Panem as in Oceania, perhaps because in the history of Panem there has not been as much need for it.

Without this particular system, Oceania could not work. While parallels certainly exist between Oceania and Nazi Germany, Orwell was far more concerned with Stalinist Russia. Oceania only tries to "cure" the members of the Outer Party, which it views as the greatest threat to the ruling elite.

Lots of Military parades in both and the Soviet Union 5. This is relatively little compared to Oceania, but it is false to say that the Districts are controlled only through hard labor. Indeed, the "Arab Spring" last year was largely the result of the rise of social media.

Since I have granted to my opponent to use the Soviet Union, let us look at the similarities. The Environment Katniss is certainly a unique character with many special qualities and personality traits.

Panem also focuses most of its corrective efforts on those who pose the largest threat -- specifically, the victors of the Games.

For example, Katniss was not only brave in the Hunger Games, but she was brave every single day when she crossed the fence into the woods. She is brave, determined, independent, selfless, and also resourceful.

However, Oceania has additional traits, or takes Soviet traits to further extremes. Unless my opponent proves one of these points incorrect, I urge you to vote Pro Con In defense of my arguments above: D Much more likely than any of the above is that a dystopia would share a world with other, freer societies.

Panem again has the inter-District conflict of the Games. I contend, then, that Panem is more likely to arise than Oceania. Yet this technology is almost never used for micro-managing the thoughts of those who pose the greatest threats; instead, brute force is commonly used.

All monitoring via two-way telescreens would have done by sheer human labor. However, in the first place, Airstrip One was kept on a constant wartime footing, and it would be impossible to channel all of those resources to nowhere without some segment of the Proles noticing.

D My opponent seems to stray a bit from the debate topic here. Nonetheless, this is something we must take into account when deciding which society would be more likely to arise.Katniss Everdeen - The Hunger Games.

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Katniss Everdeen

Winston Smith, from George Orwell’sis a thirty-nine year old man who lives in a society where. Read the pros and cons of the debate vs The Hunger Games.

DEBATES. OPINIONS. FORUMS. POLLS. Google Search. (Katniss Everdeen going through the games) and external pressure (District 13 plotting the Capitol's overthrow). but we already know how to do it, whereas there is no evidence that we can turn a Winston. View Essay - BonusEssayEnglishQuarter3 from ENGLISH 1 at American School of Tegucigalpa.

Katniss Everdeen from Hunger Games vs Winston While watching the Movie Hunger Games, Directed by Gary.

Winston Smith, from George Orwell’sis a thirty-nine year old man who lives in a society where everything is ruled by the government. Winston Smith lives in a world where even his thoughts are monitored by the Thought Police. The writer uses descriptive adjectives to show the self-reliant in the main female character, Katniss Everdeen.

A clearly example can be shown is when Katniss volunteers for her sister, “I don’t want to cry.

Winston smith vs katniss everdeen essay
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