Vimy ridge and passchendaele the social

The French had tried to dislodge them in With the sad poetry that so often rises in the hearts of men at the most abject stages of their most abject wars, the little ruins of bog and rubble ahead of them had been named Virtue Farm, Venture Farm, Vocation Farm, Venison Trench, Vanity Farm, Vine Cottage, and Vindictive Crossroads.

In any recital of military events there is a strong temptation to depend only on the memories of the victors.

At last the Canadian Corps won through them all and took the village of Passchendaele. The morale of the French continental divisions was in a similar state. It was slippery, as were the stretchers and the wounded—what with the mud and blood.

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Haig reiterated the strategic and psychological importance of the battle and managed to eventually convince Currie to follow the command. At this point, it would be remiss to not mention the unbelievably horrible field conditions that the soldiers had to cope with and struggle through. The mud was horrible: The enemy could come.

As for the tanks, one of their commanders on the ground was soon forced to the judgment that: They had used white tapes to help them learn their routes of travel and their officers had pored for weeks over plasticene models of the ground ahead.

First off, he would require total control of the operation, including the planning and timing of the attack. The German counterbarrage cut up the Allied communication wires. It is not possible to set down the things that could be written of the Salient.

This country originally had belonged to the sea and—as was to occur in Holland in another war twenty-five years later—its defenses needed little disturbing before the whole landscape began seeding the sea again and became a quagmire.

This time its objective was the small and soon to be immortal village of Passchendaele, barely five miles beyond Ypres.

Battles of World War I: Ypres, Somme, Vimy Ridge, Passchendale

Even Haig, who almost never conceded the slightest possibility of failure, was forced by the third week of the assault to issue his famous order that the British must stand to "the last man.

Accordingly a small part of the Canadian Corps was sent back to Flanders as a decoy and its main strength moved to its start line near Amiens only a few hours ahead of time. The officers could easily be distinguished Vimy ridge and passchendaele the social their short sticks in the air and hurrying from group to group to give instructions.

When the time came for the supporting French offensive, many of the French simply would not fight. In the last minutes of the cold night before the attack, the artillery finished its work. The flat and marshy ground into which the British, Australians, and New Zealanders wallowed in the first weeks of the attack had no drainage system after the first bombardment wiped out the ditches and dikes.

As had happened at Ypres inthousands of colored colonial conscripts were in the van of the battle, but had no idea what they were doing there.

The Allied decision to attack there, like so many command decisions in the war ofwas mainly decreed by the lack of anything better to do. On October 26 and 30 and November 6 and 10 the fighting was again of the severest description. One of the Germans near by has reported the scene in this way: After Vimy, Passchendaele and scores of lesser actions the Canadians had become associated with attack in the German mind.

One of the factors in this isolated success was undoubtedly the high standard of the Canadian infantry reinforcements. To those who fall I say, you will not die but step into immortality.

The Forgotten Fallen film, created inbreathes life into four monumental Canadians who made the ultimate sacrifice during the First World War and who are some of the 19, fallen who have no known grave. Night and day in unbroken sequence trains from the Homeland laden with material and munitions reached the main depots.

Derelict guns, bodies, bloated horses and broken limbers were scattered wherever they looked. You only knew them because they were marked on the map. Here in April the Canadian Corps fought and won a great though largely fruitless battle.

Though there are other places a good deal like Vimy Ridge on the industrial plains of northern Europe, there is none the same in the heart and history of Canada. Can you imagine what it would be like to try to pass through this area, let alone while attempting to manoeuver between exploding shells as rifles and machine guns were being fired at you?

The Germans held a blunt salient toward the south of the city. Nine Victoria Crosses were awarded for acts of valour at Passchendaele. Shell hole cut across shell hole. By the end of the first day the Allied lines had been pushed back as much as forty miles.

In the murderous sequence of attack and counterattack one little clump of woods changed hands nineteen times.The Vimy Ridge in stood at the heart of an escarpment, seven miles long, on which the Germans had anchored their whole position in northern Europe. Like Ypres and Verdun, Vimy was already a celebrated place-name.

The Germans had dug in there in The French had tried to dislodge them in illustrate Canada’s participation in the following aspects of World War I: Somme, Passchendaele, Vimy Ridge, Ypres, Days Campaign, War Losses, treatment of enemy aliens, War Measures Act and conscription, Halifax Explosion, war on the home front (including Victory Bonds and rationing), and women’s role in the war at home and.

Vimy Ridge and Passchendaele: The Social Impact on Canada in Essay Assignment Four Vimy Ridge and Passchendaele: The Social Impact On Canada in Canada had an undisputed contribution to the Great War having committed overof its population of 8 million.

Like the attack on Vimy months earlier, the attempt for Passchendaele in the Flanders sector was itself a component of the overarching Arras Offensive of On the 31 st of July, the British attacked eastwards towards the village, but within weeks they were stymied by the hard-fighting and heavily fortified German defenders.

vimy ridge Feb. Gen. Arthur Currie was given orders to capture Vimy Ridge — the German position seemed invincible Currie was certain that poor planning and scouting had caused heave casualties in the past.

The experience of the 7th Brigade and the 49th at Vimy was typical. The other three battalions were part of the assaulting force on La Folie Wood, near the centre of the ridge.

Half the strength of the 49th went over the top at a.m. on 9 April in platoons attached to the RCR, the 42nd and the PPCLI.

Vimy ridge and passchendaele the social
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