The depiction of the story of wwi in erich remarques book all quiet on the western front

All Quiet on the Western Front

No other war has scarred men like this one due to the specific explosives. Overall, his size and behavior make him seem older than Paul, yet he is the same age as Paul and his school-friends roughly 19 at the start of the book.

His ancestors were French. Paul and his classmates have been encouraged by their teacher, Kantorek, to enlist in the German army.

The group goes through basic training and go to the front. In October, when there is nothing much to report on the western front, Paul is killed, a week or so before the armistice.

He offered the following clarification: This is one of my personal favourites for more than one reason. Something the Australians are still proud of.

There he made friends with Hollywood stars, including Paulette Goddardwhom he married in He visits home on leave, returns to the trenches, is wounded and sent to a military hospital.

Of all the war movies I have seen manythis was one of the best but also one of the hardest to watch. There was no explicit vilification or glorification, and in fact seemed pretty neutral. Stores were ordered to stop selling his books. The dangers, the savageries, the madness of war, and the appalling waste and destruction of youth, the shattering of hopes, illusions, beliefs, the futility of patriotism and nationalism — all these are depicted with relentless veracity, unshrinking crudity, and on a scale as colossal as the world-war itself.

The focus is on two friends who enlist more in a spirit of adventure than patriotism. One woman is looking for her husband in this bleak but beautiful Tavernier movie.

Nothing about the characters, their experiences, or their discussions stood at as being particularly German in nature, nor were German war strategies or government opinions discussed beyond mention of where the soldiers were being stationed next.

He also represents a literary model highlighting the differences between the younger and older soldiers. September 10, at 8: Realism reaches its zenith in this picture.

One of the classic WWI movies. You can find the links at the end of each entry. The phrase "all quiet on the Western Front" has become a colloquial expression meaning stagnation, or lack of visible change, in any context.

Drei Kameraden received good reviews and was made into a film indirected by Frank Borzage. Albert eventually has his leg amputated, while Paul is deemed fit for service and returned to the front. Remarque had been married twice before, and to the same woman, Ilsa Jeanne Zamboul, in and again in The only way for soldiers to survive is to disconnect themselves from their feelings, suppressing their emotions and accepting the conditions of their lives.

He also has a "Special Permit," certifying him as sporadically not responsible for his actions due to a head wound, though he is clearly quite sane and exploiting his permit so he can stay in the hospital and away from the war as long as possible.

They frequently go without food and sleep, adequate clothing, or sufficient medical care. We are fleeing from ourselves, from our life. The insights that Remarque and Barbusse and Sassoon and Genevoix and Manning found in extremis — of the essential commonality of human beings — are, we like to think, now accepted by society over the alternatives, despite what we sometimes have to infer from the content of our newspapers.All Quiet on the Western Front by Erich Maria Remarque.

Home / Literature / All Quiet on the Western Front / seriously anti-war punch of All Quiet on the Western Front. It's not a spoiler so much as a trigger warning to tell you that this book is filled to the brim with details of slow, agonizing death, dismemberment, gaping wounds, and.

71 Responses to “All Quiet on the Western Front Discussion” and I don’t actually remember the boys in this depiction of World War I being German.

They just look like any soldier in the war and I guess I originally just assumed they were American since that’s where the film was made. I remember when I first read the book All. Free All Quiet on the Western Front - All Quiet on the Western Front Two Years The book I chose to read was All Quiet on the Western Front, by Erich Maria Remarque.

The story told in All Quiet on the Western Front occurs during the two years just before the Armistice ended World War I in November The narrator discusses all the. (from All Quiet on the Western Front) Erich Maria Remarque was born in Ossnabrück, Lower Saxony, into modest circumstances.

All Quiet on the Western Front - the most representative novel dealing with World War I. The book starts in after a battle, in which half of Paul Bäumer's company has been killed.

With All Quiet on the. All Quiet on the Western Front, based on Erich Maria Remarque’s novel of the same name, is THE classic war movie.

One of the best, first and certainly one of the most influential there is. I have uttered my reservations as to the cast of the new All Quiet on the Western Front Remarques´s book is one of the best anti-war books of all.

All Quiet on the Western Front by Erich Maria Remarque is an excellent novel about the First World War. The book does not tell the whole story inside the trenches as Paul Baumer experiences other parts of life during warfare. This narration of the life of an infantry grunt in the German Army during the trench warfare of WWI is riveting.

The depiction of the story of wwi in erich remarques book all quiet on the western front
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