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Should she be worried? Sometimes the "bait-and-switch" movie is actually okay and would have been better standing on its own. Spoilers Single White Female 2: The start is a bit slow and nothing much happened. I watched the film several times when it was often broadcasted on Tv in the past, because the movie at that time was both creepy and very captivating.

When I saw it as a young girl, I did not know it was based on a book. White Noise 2 is like that. The second half of the film totally abandons that approach for no particular reason at all. This was fun, exciting and crazy read, and it inspired me to want to read more books by John Lutz.

Inthe new version was called The Roommate, and of course I will not be seeing that movie. The unknown woman wants to talk to her boyfriend who sleeps tight next to her. You could call it a "forced remake".

Nor do I fully understand the point of making new versions. One variety is the "bait-and-switch" sequel. I was going to see something on TV, but forgot both time and place, which is also rare, so I completely forgot about it cause I got too caught up with the book.

The unknown woman wants to Dangerous obsession The book was published in and two years later it was made to a movie with Bridget Fonda, Steven Weber and Jennifer Jason Leigh who are the most famous names on the role list.

Single White Female 2: In the meantime she gets bothered by mysterious and dirty phone calls without knowing who the caller is. He does not exaggerate, the atmosphere and mystique lasts, which is rare, the chapters are short, and you always wants to read more because the characters is very fascinating to read about.

I suppose I could heap abuse on the pitiful acting, writing and direction that went into this cinematic sinkhole, but I think there is something good that can come out of film this bad.

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MBunge 13 October Warning: Was this review helpful? The two of them are very different from each other. Single White Female is a copious, weird, daring and vulgar psychological thriller that is easy to get obsessed with.

The Psycho is not. I enjoyed the atmosphere in the book very well. But as a reward for that part, you will get to know the charachters really well. A woman named Hedra becomes the chosen one.

Single White Female

Allie is very confident, she knows she is pretty, she knows she has a great style and she knows that many envy her for many reasons. For example, the first half of this film starts out by obviously trying to keep us guessing as to which of the female roommates is the crazy one.

The "bait-and-switch" sequel usually makes a few references to the first film at the start, then goes on to tell a tale that has essentially nothing in common with the original. She is skeptical and doubtful but still not sure if she can resist him or not. American Psycho 2 and White Noise 2 are examples of the "bait-and-switch" sequel.

But she and Hedra get along very well and they believe that living with each other will turn out just fine. Allie is called by an unknown woman in the middle of the night.

And of course she throws him out of the apartment in the middle of the night. The Psycho is the other variety of fraudulent sequel. But sometimes the "bait-and-switch" flick is awful and desperately needs to exploit the name of another movie or no one would ever watch it.

The Psycho is yet another entry into one of the more unfortunate genres of modern filmmaking - The Fraudulent Sequel. Sign in to vote. Is it better to live alone? She is quiet and shy.

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Allie and Hedra live together even if they are like night and day.Read Common Sense Media's Psycho review, age rating, and parents guide. Parental Controls; All Parent Concerns; Mental Health; Everything about Psycho is perfection, from the gorgeous black-and-white cinematography to every single performance to the famous Bernard Herrmann soundtrack to some of the most.

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Skin! Firstly, I have not seen the film adaptation of 'Single White Female' and so this review isn't tainted one way or the other. This book, about the stolen identity of a young woman by her psychotic flatmate, is written is very easy style. Characterizations, prose, and dialogue are all straightforward.

/5(4). Single White Female 2: The Psycho is a direct-to-video thriller film and a sequel of the film Single White Female. Directed by Keith Samples, it stars Kristen Miller, Allison Lange and Brooke Burns.

Plot. In New York, PR colleagues and roommates Holly Parker (Kristen. Single White Female 2: The Psycho (Video ) on IMDb: Movies, TV, Celebs, and more. Single White Female on DVD from Jules Jordan Video.

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Single white female parental review
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