Reaction paper rizal martyrdom in bagumbayan

Rizal, known as the national hero of the Philippines shown his life history covered from his childhood to his execution at the hands of the Spanish military on 19 century on the movie who performed by Caesar Montano, a Filipino actor.

Rather he died victorious because his death is the torch that lights Philippine independence that ignites Philippine Revolution.

Rizal is the pride of our nation. Inwhen the Americans took control of the country, Governor-general William Howard Taft named Rizal as the Philippine national hero. Thus, he revealed the sorrow of the society on that time.

He denied that it was a subversive organization since some members "had to abandon it in order to organize the Katipunan. His remains were placed in a plain box and buried at the Paco cemetery.

And in Bagumbayan itself, the Spanish troops held Reaction paper rizal martyrdom in bagumbayan the crowd while the artillery group stood on alert to prevent any attempt to rescue Rizal. Rizal was born of a well-to-do family in Calamba, Laguna on June 19, It is an injustice, vicious and merciless punishment.

In fact, the persons who visited him in Dapitan were "persons totally unknown" to him. They are innocent and they did not deserve it. Jose Rizal at Bagumbayan, a reproduction of an original photo taken during the execution of Dr.

The American colonial government took over this tradition and included December 30 as one of the public holidays together with other American holidays such as Washington Day. A monument was also erected in Bagumbayan and Rizal was declared a national hero. This was suppplemented by his travels in France, Germany, England, United States, and other foreign countries.

The firing squad was made up of Filipinos but behind them were Spanish soldiers who would make sure that the death order was carried out just in case the Filipino sol diers reneged on their duty. III December p. Inon the first anniversary of his death, Spaniards were still in control and they desecrated his grave while Filipinos brought flowers with Tagalog dedication to ne arby graves.

He wore a black woolen suit and a derby hat and his arms were tied behind him.

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Many Filipinos were suffered. But some members of the burial staff who were friends of the Rizal family placed a marker at the site with the letters R. A bust of Rizal was unveiled for the o ccasion and a crown of laurel leaves was placed on its head.

But it is valuable; it became the pathway to achieve the independence of our country in the hands of Spaniards. Even in school, it was felt by Rizal and other Filipino students.

It represents my citizenship and my history being a Filipino. Unfortunately, for the several battles we were lost. Every instance of martyrdom is distinct in magnitude and direction.

It provides a good time to reassess the lessons that we have learned from the past and in the process of reflection, to be able to understand ourselves and our collective consciousness as a people. I also viewed how and why he written his novels and poetry during the Spaniard regime.

Even though they have a great contribution for our freedom, Rizal stills the one who have the qualities of being a national hero.

The flag was raised at half-mast from noon of Decem ber 29 to noon of December The most painful and melancholic incident in that time is the death of our national hero Dr.

Tandang Sora takes part in giving first aid for those who injured throughout the fight. Let us salute our heroes especially Dr. Jose Rizal for their contribution to our freedom. Jose Rizal was shot in Bagumbayan Related Articles. Recognizing that the verdict was made up, and the die had been cast against him, he said on the eve of his death: Although she is very old and it is a crime to help defiant people, still she applies her medicinal knowledge.

He represented a sector of society which had begun to c ause trouble and therefore constituted a real threat to the existing social order.

Today in Philippine History, December 30, 1896, Dr. Jose Rizal was shot in Bagumbayan

Webster defines a "martyr" as a person who is put to death or made to suffer greatly b ecause of religion or other beliefs.

In this movie all the attribute of Rizal in different fields like being a writer, painter, linguistic, sculptor, doctor and so on was shown. Jose Protacio Rizal, the greatest man of the Malayan race, was shot to death at Bagumbayan present day Luneta or Rizal parkManila, by a firing squad of native soldiers, on the accusation of political conspiracy and sedition, and rebellion against the Spanish government in the Philippines.

It opened my mind and made me proud to a Filipino and to be loved my country as well as my countrymen. He did not die defeated.Jan 11,  · REACTION PAPER IN JOSE RIZAL MOVIE. Jose P. Rizal, The most painful and melancholic incident in that time is the death of our national hero Dr.

Jose Rizal in Dapitan now known as Bagumbayan. He did not worthy to die in that way. He’s tender loved in our country brought him in. Search Results for 'reaction about rizal martyrdom' Reaction Paper: Rizal Behind Bars the play allow their viewers to visualize what had been the life experiences of Dr.

Rizal, but also made us realize what our national hero had done for us which took. Farewell Reaction Paper Jose Rizal Essays and Term Papers Top of Form Search Advanced Search Bottom of Form Documents 1 - 20 of Reaction Paper (About Rizal’s Life) REACTION PAPER (About Rizal’s Life) As what I have seen in the film viewing last meeting, the Filipino’s life was full of misfortunes.

The Filipinos were unfairly treated and even discriminated by the Spaniards. At A.M. of December 29,Captain Rafael Dominguez, read the death sentence to Rizal who would be shot at the back by a firing squad at A.M. in Bagumbayan. At A.M., Rizal was moved to the prison Chapel where he was visited by Father Miguel Saderra Mata.

This paper intends to reflect on the martyrdom of Jose Rizal whose centennial we celebrate today, anal yze its impact on history and offer some explanations about our behavior as a people. R izal's death was an emotional event in our history as it produced a "martyr" and resulted in some form of social change or transformation in our lives as a.

Death March to Bagumbayan Martyrdom at Bagumbayan 18 Death March to Bagumbayan Martyrdom at Bagumbayan 19 Rizal bade farewell to Fathers March and Vilaclara and to his defender, Lt.

Luis Taviel de Andrade. Although his arms were tied, he had firmly clasped their hands in parting.5/5(6).

Reaction paper rizal martyrdom in bagumbayan
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