Kissing scene writing assignment

In case all of this is creeping you out, another way to seek inspiration is on the big screen.

Does he clench his jaw or deepen a dimple? So go forth, my writer friends.

You need to get them agitated and push kissing scene writing assignment up close to each other, get them anxious, make them feel awkward. Make them notice something intriguing, and react to it mentally and physically. There are several areas that you should consider when developing your kissing scene.

Anticipation makes the reader excited and rooting for the kiss to happen. Another source of inspiration is photos of kissing couples. Share this post on: The hot sun beat down on them, reflecting off the white sand and half blinding Miranda.

Make sure the reader can see where your characters are. You could have them continue on, deepening the kiss, adding in some heavy petting, and perhaps going "all the way.

The characters should be putting something on the line. Pauses can be lucrative moments. What does the hero do when his pretty girl leans her head on his shoulder? What does she do in response? The second part is how a character reacts to the action. No way should she have been noticing how his abs rippled down into the waistband of his swim trunks.

Sound - While we might not want to admit it, there are sounds when we kiss. What gestures or facial expressions do they see?

One of my favorites is Thor. Are they wearing cologne? His mouth was so warm, the caress of his lips softer than she could have imagined. Well, if this is close to the beginning of the book, you need to have some conflict come in.

They lure us in like the ripe, red fruit at the top of the tree. Taste - A kiss can have a taste. The inevitable ensuing witch-hunt and trial would be bad enough, but even a tough girl might buckle if her prosecutors are her own parents. Danger also works well, but not for every story.

Take a couple of girlfriends with you. Valentine Edition The Kiss Ken grabbed her by the hand and sprinted for a clump of palm trees near the cliffs, about ten yards away.

Show what the kiss means to the characters. The sand was blistering their feet. You have got to keep the tension going so readers will want to turn that page and see if they kiss again.

How to Write a Kissing Scene

These reactions build inside us because of a cocktail of hormones. Call me a science geek, but I find that having a few facts inspires my imagination to build the rest. He tasted tentatively with his tongue, and Miranda opened her mouth with a low moan. It can be a simple peck against a cheek, a soft brush of two pairs of lips, or a soul-deep press of open mouths and tangled tongues.

Smell - What do the characters smell like? Photos of models and actors are great, but real life holds a genuine vulnerability, a risk that reaching out to that other person will end in rejection.

We show that the characters belong together, Character A looks at Character B, and then Character B swoops in for a smooch to end all smooches. What was she doing? What are their physical reactions? One good way is to have someone or something interrupt.Filed Under anatomy of a kiss, Anise Rae, creating anticipation, kissing scene, Love Scenes, Syphon's Song, writing a kiss.

Tweet. In scientific terms, a kiss is the anatomical juxtaposition of two orbicularis oris muscles in a state of contraction. But in romance, a kiss is conveys emotion and so much more.

Writing the Kiss That Makes. Ms. Elbert’s English 9 Name:_____ Romeo and Juliet Scene Re-write ~ The Assignment In a group, work together to rewrite a scene from Shakespeare.

May 09,  · If you want to learn how to write a kissing scene for a romance novel or other work of fiction, you must first understand the motivation. The act of kissing arises from an uncontrollable desire on the part of the two characters about whom you are ultimedescente.coms: You would think that since you’re writing a kissing scene that you would focus on the star of the show—the mouth.

Apparently, that’s not the case. Author Malinda Lo in “Writing About Kissing” says that describing a mouth leads to more of a vampire-esque route than to a sweet, romantic kissing scene. I don't know about you, but finding a great make-out scene in an already fantastic book is the cherry on top for me.

There's a lot of ways to mess up writing a kissing, or any sexy scene in books.

Purpose. Authors create stories, narrators tell stories, and characters act out and feel in stories. This assignment is designed to force you to work in different points of view remembering that when you’re writing in a POV, the narrator, or the characters, are acting in their own story worlds.

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Kissing scene writing assignment
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