How internet addiction affects students academic

A Cross-sectional Study on Addiction-driven Behaviors. Iranian journal of management sciences. The person may also be deprived of food, the nutrition the body needs. This is consistent with the findings of the Razavieh 38 and Vaezi and Noorafroz Internet addiction may have serious consequences such as changing the lifestyle in order to spend more time on the internet, ignoring the individual health and main activities, reducing the social relationships, ignoring the family and friends, and finally, financial, educational, and physical problems This study aims to investigate the effect of the internet addiction on the information-seeking behavior of the postgraduate students.

They carry out a series of activities to find the resources or information channels in order to meet their own information needs, including the information search, research methods, search problems, and its effective factors that totally is called information—seeking behavior 2.

Data was collected by physical presence at faculties and was analyzed using the SPSS 20 in two levels of descriptive and inferential statistics. Internet addiction among Greek adolescent students.

Based on the findings, there was no sign of internet addiction among the Use the Internet to compare the information needs of graduate students at the University of Isfahan and Shiraz.

The results showed that the average use of the electronic resources by the students is more than the printed resources 425 Students use internet more than other people do in order to meet their educational needs. Based on table 2there is no significant difference between the information-seeking behaviors of the students in different faculties in all dimensions.

This study showed that there is no relationship between the information-seeking behavior of the students and the age and the rate of the internet use. However, no study has considered the importance of the relationship between these two variables.

These problems may be the individual e. Studies carried out on the pupils and students showed that with the increasing the internet use, prevalence of the internet addiction increases 1215 Journal of Behavioral Sciences. Since the access to the information banks is associated with the high costs, low speed of the internet limits the use rate of these valuable information resources and this is one of the major problems that should be considered.

Related work Increased excessive use of the internet has been associated with some problems for the users. Table 1 Open in a separate window Table 2 shows the results of the variance analysis for comparison of the information-seeking behavior of the students in different faculties.

Although, based on the research findings, there is a low rate of using these tools despite the high efficiency of the Meta search engines and subject directories. Based on this table, there is no significant difference between the variables of internet addiction and information-seeking behavior with regard to the obtained significance level.

Effect of internet addiction on educational status of Arak University of medical sciences students, spring The addiction, like any other, starts around the first few experiences. Findings showed that the search engines are the most important tools for searching the electronic information of the students.Internet addiction can cause serious life problems.

If you think you or someone you know might be suffering from Internet addiction, it’s important you find help right away. Visit a counselor, student assistance professional or other expert for more advice.

On the contrary, it was suggested that students had positive effect than negative effect of internet addiction in relation to their academic performance (Suhail & Bargees, ; Safdaar et al., ; Young, ). Keywords: Internet Addiction (IA), Internet Addiction Disorder (IAD), Survey-based Internet Activities, Academic Success, GPA Criteria INTRODUCTION The goal of this research is to examine the degree to which the students are addicted to Internet usage and the impact of Internet addiction (IA) on their academic success.

Student perception on the impact of internet usage towards academic performance. A total, % of the respondents agreed that internet acts as supplement to the information given by the lectures. How Internet addiction affects student’s academic performance Internet addiction in the twenty-first century is as common as the flu.

How Internet Addiction Affects Student's Academic Performance

Technology has expanded, and about anyone, anywhere on earth has access to the web and is about to go online. What effect does the Internet have on a student’s academic achievements? “What effect does the Internet have on a student’s academic achievements and to what degree?” Relationship between Internet Addiction and Academic Performance among University Undergraduates.

Academic Journals, 8, Journal Article.

How internet addiction affects students academic
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