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Upon completion of the research and the writing of a thesis deemed acceptable by the Thesis Committee, a defense of the thesis is scheduled by the student. Courses previously used for another degree are not acceptable for degree plan credit.

A student submitting a proposed degree plan for a Master of Science degree should designate on the official degree plan the appropriate program option.

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Also discuss any previously published interpretations that support or conflict with your own. References cited or Bibliography this should come before the appendices This is an alphabetical listing of all the references cited in the text do not include any references not cited.

Not more than 8 hours of Directed Studies may be used. As a rule, you want this section to be "readable" and so most of the uninteresting but still important detail should go into the appendices. Thesis Option An acceptable thesis is required for the Master of Science degree for a student geology master thesis ppt selects the thesis option program.

All new students must meet with Graduate Committee and Director of Graduate Studies the week prior to registration for the first semester.

The raw data should be tabulated in an appendix, and geology master thesis ppt chapter should only be used to "summarize" and "organize" your results in ways that are meaningful and informative.

Master of Science in Geology

Extensions beyond the one year period can be granted with additional approval of the Dean. Smith as reported by Jonesp. Scheduling of defenses is done through the Advising Assistant. Photo of fault zone interior, Mr. If you borrow a figure or table from another source then, of course, that source must be cited in the figure caption or in a footnote below the table.

Compliance issues must be addressed if a graduate student is performing research involving human subjects, animals, infectious biohazards and recombinant DNA.

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Every piece of information fact or idea that you use in the text but which is not your own must have its source cited at the end of the sentence or paragraph where it is used. Also do not include any new figures or tables, but do refer to earlier figures and tables that support specific conclusions.

A minimum of 36 semester credit hours of approved coursework is required for the Non-Thesis Option. Not more than 3 hours of Theory of Research may be used. You may follow the standard citation format found in one of the major geology periodicals e.

Alternatively, you can paraphrase what was said but you should still use quotes for the critical clauses or terminology. The conclusions differ from the abstract in two ways: The Body of the Text Title Page: The duties of the committee include responsibility for the proposed degree plan, the research proposal, the thesis and the geology master thesis ppt examination.

A maximum of 2 hours of Seminar Both the original paper copy and the electronic version are due two weeks prior to the last day of classes, in the same term the thesis is due.

This helps to organize the material and improve its presentation. Third order headings have Major Words Capitalized, are left justified, and are in bold type. Continuing education courses may not be used for graduate credit.

The student should demonstrate, both in the written and oral presentation, a thorough understanding of the thesis research, i. Additionally, one complete copy must be submitted electronically via Nexus in pdf format optionally, you may also upload the original word document in addition to the pdf.

Each figure and table caption should start with the figure or table number, followed by the text of the caption for example: Most word processors have a function to count words.

The PDF file and the signed approval form are required by the deadline. For thesis-option students, an approved thesis proposal must be on file in the Office of Graduate and Professional Studies according to published deadlines prior to the final examination or submission of the request for exemption from the final examination.

Extension courses are not acceptable for credit. A minimum of 30 credit hours of course work is required for the M. The Thesis Advisor and at least one other departmental committee member must initial the notice of defense, thus indicating that they approve of the defense.

All requirements for the non-thesis option Master of Science degree other than those specified above are the same as for the thesis option degree.

Appendices should contain any substantial length of material that, while pertinent to the thesis, would detract from reading the thesis if left in the body of the text. Discussion Use this chapter to interpret your findings in accordance with the objectives of the study.

Persons other than members of the graduate faculty may, with mutual consent of the candidate and the major professor, attend final examinations for advanced degrees.FORMAT FOR MASTER’S THESES IN GEOLOGY AT SAN JOSE STATE UNIVERSITY APRIL GENERAL: General characteristics, such as margin size, paper quality, page numbering, and English usage will conform to University regulations.

Guidelines are summarized in the document, "General Microsoft Word - thesis-formatapril Sep 04,  · Geology Dissertation Topics.

A great selection of free geology dissertation topics and ideas to help you write the perfect dissertation. Example geology dissertation topic 1: this thesis seeks to uncover the potentially devastating effect to exist sediment levels that could accompany the harnessing of this natural source of power.

electronic theses and dissertations The Department of Geosciences makes available the following copies of Theses and Dissertations with the permission of the graduate students who wrote them.

You are free to read these pdf files, with the understanding that you must fully acknowledge their authorship. Geology Graduate Student Theses. MASTERS DEGREES GRANTED. More recent theses have links to the complete text of the theses. Student Year Project Advisor; Advocate, David: Geology and geomorphology of the intersecting Mission Creek and Banning fault strands, southern San Andreas fault: Yule: Hartshorn, David.

THESIS APPROVAL The abstract and thesis of Susan L. Bednarz for the Master of Science in Geology were presented May 29,and accepted by the thesis committee. The Master of Science (MS) curriculum is designed to develop new understanding through research and creativity.

Students have the option to pursue a thesis or non-thesis Master of Science degree. Steps to Fulfill Master's Degree Requirements.

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Geology master thesis ppt
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