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The woman did not contract the smallpox disease. Smallpox is a virulent infection that was considered to be eliminated form the world in In this contract four large pharmaceutical companies would receive million dollars to have these vaccines prepared before the end of However, his concept was contrary to the beliefs about diseases in the 16th century.

Smallpox Why has the threat of smallpox recently come up in the media? Due to the fall of the Soviet Union it is believed that some of these warfare-based smallpox have fallen Within fifty years of the discovery, most European countries had initiated compulsory vaccination, without knowing that they were dealing with a virus!

Smallpox is highly contagious within the first week of exposure Essays on smallpox can be transmitted through Silvia conduction and face-to-face contact. Where as anthrax cannot be transmitted form person to person, smallpox can which presents a great possibility of an epidemic if introduced into the American population.

With such high nation defense representatives moving for such actions the possibility of biological warfare utilizing smallpox seems to be closer than ever.

With the occurrences of anthrax in the United States the subject of biological warfare has been ignited. Smallpox as a new threat?

Upon exposure symptoms include high fever, fatigue, and head and back aches. The immune response induced against cowpox viral antigens offer protection against smallpox.

The roots of modern immunology can be traced to the 18th century, when immunization techniques against smallpox were being tried. Currently, only two laboratories in the world are known to keep the smallpox virus, one in USA and the other in Russia. This threat has made the United States of America to restart smallpox vaccination in military personnel and others working in sensitive areas.

If smallpox were to enter the U. In this manner, Jenner initiated the science of immunology. After a brief illness, all individuals recovered fully. Finally, in the World Health Assembly declared that smallpox has been eradicated throughout the world.

The notion that using humans in experimental trials may be unethical today, but such a notion was unheard in those days. The observation and the direct human trial of Edward Jennera doctor in Gloucestershire, England, paved the foundation stone for immunology.

People laughed at his idea and said that inoculation of cowpox material would make people to grow horns! To date no cure has been found for smallpox and the use of smallpox vaccinations as a pre smallpox treatment was discontinued almost 25 years ago.

The last case of naturally occurring smallpox was recorded in Somalia in October The college of physicians required that Jenner should pass an examination in classics, which Jenner refused.Nov 23,  · Smallpox is a specific, infectious, and highly contagious febrile disease known only to be transmitted by humans.

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It is caused by a virus from air currents which are eventually passed on from person to person. Smallpox varies from a mild form without skin manifestations to a highly fatal hemorrhagic form.

Free Essay: History and Eradication of Smallpox The smallpox virus has affected the human species for centuries.

It has been recorded as early as BC in. The virus must interact with a receptor on the cell surface. The infectious cycle usually consists of two stages. The first stage makes the proteins necessary for the protein to form. The second stage forms the adult virion to start the attack on the body.

Smallpox attack with no warning. Essay on The World Health Organization's Dealing With Smallpox Smallpox is an infectious disease caused by the variola virus. Variola major and variola minor are the two clinical types of smallpox.

Smallpox Smallpox was a disease that was caused by a virus. The virus spread when an uninfected person came in direct contact with a sick person and breathed in the virus.

The virus spread when an uninfected person came in direct contact with a sick person and breathed in the virus. The smallpox virus never took hold just like the doctor expected. This was known as the first ever smallpox vaccine.

The vaccine was kept alive as it was transported from different countries by taking a group of orphans on the ship and inoculate the first one with the virus and then after the pus would form they would take the pus from that and .

Essays on smallpox
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