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Boys or girls I like and those I dislike. Consider the good and harmful aspects of the use of computers in the home. What do you think? Why does it attract so many customers? We should be looking to the future.

Celebrating the millennium Which household tasks are you prepared to do and which do you try to avoid? Overall, this is a fluent piece of writing.

My favourite comedians Write about an occasion when a furious argument took place, based on a case of mistaken identity. Those who think differently might believe that every man is born equal and that how our futures are, is not determined by anything else but ourselves.

How to write an essay (OLevel)

Being rich may allow one to try out their abilities in fields which they may have an advantage in. Heroes Write about a time when your late arrival for a particular meeting or event led to serious trouble.

Following John, they all rushed over to the burning flat. Yet John, without consideration for his life, kicked down the door with all his might.

In the distance, across the main road, John saw a flat bursting in flames and the residents in the flat trying hard to put out the fire but to no avail. Below is a model essay by an ex-student. This kind of balance in life is the key for me, to avoid the extremes of perpetual anxiety and the ennui that precedes failure.

Do Not tell the story except when introducing the book and whenever it is necessary to illustrate a point you are making in your review.

Do you feel that you need the long school vacation? Singapore - the future of its people Parents and teachers are partners in education of children. Could they be improved in any way?

How I choose my friends Not only had I continued studying, I also had developed a very unhealthy caffeine habit, mainly via the consumption of up to six cups of coffee a day.

Discuss the ways in which the location of Singapore affects its economy. Have the changes been beneficial or not as far as you can judge? Sample A It was a silent and warm night, as usual. Singapore - a multicultural success story Scared but brave, John picked up the phone and dialled for the fire brigade.

What are your favourite television or radio programmes? Freedom What important lessons in life are learned away from school?

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John, without hesitation, ran upstairs to the flat and knocked the door down with all his might.May 19,  · “Being born with a silver spoon provides a better headstart in life.” Do you agree? May 19, · by englishcafe · in Free Writing: Model Ans, O Levels Paper 1.

GCE O Level Challenging English Essays [Redspot Publishing] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

A collection of Essays for students sitting for their ‘O’ Level examinations. The essays have been classified into different types of writing styles to allow for easy reference. This book helps student to get the best out of the essays. Jan 14,  · How to write an essay (OLevel) Discussion in 'Help, Ideas & Suggestions' started by freerun, Mar 21, freerun.

Messages: 25 If you want to make a near perfect essay for the O Levels, and will choose a factual or descriptive one, make it as you'd do for an A Level essay. For advanced level essays. Posts about O-level essays written by Mr Seah.

" Essays For O Level English" is a student friendly and easy to use book written for the benefit of students who wish to refine their written English and secure an excellent grade in their O Level English Language examination.5/5(3).

Essays For O Level English. K likes. " Essays For O Level English" is a student friendly and easy to use book written for O Level students who.

Essays for o levels
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