Coal mining research paper

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Although a certain degree of success has been achieved using the above models and experiments to evaluate the coal gas or energy migration, control and recovery, the role of thermodynamic effect on coal-gas interactions during underground pre-and post-mining coal seams is not well understanding.

The National Academies Press. Based on the experiment data, they further established a coupled hydro-mechanical model to address the characteristics of gas flow in coal seams We can observe that every energy policy step possible is being taken to maintain the role of coal, and Poland moves toward sustainability only as much and as soon as it is required by its EU membership.

Thus, the thermodynamic effect should not be ignored in addressing the coal-gas interactions, which has become a kind of common recognition among many contemporary experts and scholars.

Similarly, underground coal mines will have to access seams that are deeper, thinner, Coal mining research paper thicker, generally with higher gas content and potentially more difficulties in control of the associated strata i.

Taking the influence of thermodynamic effect on gas pressure, gas content, porosity and permeability into account. Research activities should focus particularly on developing techniques to mitigate the alteration and collapse of strata overlying mined areas, to model the hydrological impacts of coal mining, to improve mine mapping and void detection, to improve the stability of spoils on steep slopes, and to improve the construction and monitoring of impoundments.

Additional research is needed to mitigate the adverse environmental impacts associated with past, existing, and future coal mining and processing.

The committee recommends that OSM should be the lead agency in this effort, and it should coordinate closely with related EPA and state research activities. Inadequate understanding of post-mining strata behavior and the associated hydrologic consequences of mining in both surface and underground mines affects mine permitting, mine development, environmental mitigation, and post-mining land use, including use for waste management.

These more difficult mining conditions will require improved methods to protect the health and safety of mine workers, to improve environmental management of mined lands and wastes, and to provide higher rates of resource recovery and mine productivity.

In addition, the geotherm has a significant impact on geomechanics of coal-rock mass: However, there is little evidence of the efficient transfer of technologies from outside the mining industry.

Some typically mathematical models had been established to reveal coupled hydro-mechanical mechanism of coal seam gas flow, such as Palmer-Mansoori model 18Shi-Durucan model 19Zhang-Liu model 17 and Xia-Zhou model 20,21 etc. Tao YQ and Zhang LP established a coupled multi-physical model including temperature field, gas pressure field and coal deformation field Subsequently, they carried out different numerical simulations based on the enhanced gas recovery project of both energy and gas injections, respectively 30, According to the permeability experiment of raw coal under the different temperatures and effective stresses, Xu J, et al.

The individual reaction process, in the absence of full consideration of cross couplings, forms the basis of well-known disciplines such as hydrology, chemistry, elasticity and heat transfer 1, This situation seems to be changing very slowly, while there are multiple factors that make it imperative for the issue This is at least partly due to the relatively small market that the coal mining industry represents to potential technology suppliers and the scarcity of coal mining research at academic institutions and national laboratories.

Peng SJ, et al. Improved Mine Worker Health and Safety Factors that increase health and safety risks to the coal mining workforce include the introduction of new equipment and systems, commencement of mining in virgin areas, infusion of new workers, and the mining of multiple seams—seams that are thinner, thicker, or deeper than those customarily mined at present, and new seams that underlie or overlie previously mined-out seams.

This situation seems to be changing very slowly, while there are multiple factors that make it imperative for the issue to be urgently addressed. Advances in our understanding of coal—gas interactions have provided some effective measures to retard or suppress underground coal-gas disasters and enhance potential resource utilization quality.

Coal Mining

The evolution of coal-gas interaction processes is a chain of physico-chemical reactions in underground pre-and post-mining coal seams, which is labeled as " coupled processes " implying that one reaction process affects the initiation and progress of another Health and safety research and development should be expanded to anticipate increased hazards in future coal mines.

Yang XL, et al. Regarding gas, we find that since the January Russian—Ukrainian gas crisis, Poland has taken action to diversify its gas supplies, and it has finally achieved results, but there is still a lot of uncertainty surrounding Russian gas imports.

On the one hand, this paper aims to assess the security of the stationary fuel supply by applying the conventional three-dimensional approach, encompassing availability, affordability and sustainability. Most mining health and safety research by the federal government is carried out by the Mining Program at the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health.

We show how the energy perspective, the institutional context, as well as perceptions regarding threat, dependence and Russia influence choices made from among different security of supply dimensions. These activities, outlined in Chapter 4 and amplified in Appendix Eresult in a range of mining and processing challenges that in most cases already exist today, but are likely to become more pronounced in the mines of the future.

Small percentage increases in coal recovery through improved mining and coal preparation processes have the potential to significantly expand economically recoverable reserves of both eastern and western coals.

Levy J et al. All of these factors are likely to apply to some degree in future mines, irrespective of whether the higher production scenarios that are foreseen in some forecasts eventuate.

In addition, greater understanding and better prediction of strata control to prevent unanticipated roof collapse are essential for maintaining and improving worker safety. As near-surface coal deposits are depleted, surface operations will mine deeper seams that require increased stripping ratios and multiple benches.

Technology-related activities within the Mine Safety and Health Administration are limited to technical support and training services for its personnel and those from the mining industry. Considering the effects of gas pressure and gas desorption of coal.

Yin GZ, et al. Additional risk factors that are likely to apply in the deeper mines of the future are the potential hazards related to methane control, dust control, ground control, ignition sources, fires, and explosions. We demonstrate that the three-dimensional approach is also appropriate for addressing the issue of supply security in the case of a country with a securitized energy agenda based on fears of problems with the availability and affordability of Russian gas supplies.Coal mining is a negative environmental factor in mountain top removal and strip-mining.

Due to the fact that our air is so full of pollutants from mining, we attribute many diseases to this problem. Coal Mining and Its Impacts - Coal Mining and Its Impacts Coal is a hard, black colored rock-like substance.

It is made up of carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, and varying amount of sulphur. This paper examines the industry, coal mining practices within the state and its financial impact. What is Coal. With a composition of carbon along with hydrogen. Coal Mining, Mining Economics, Measurement of Innovation, Underground Coal Mining Prediction of the stresses around main and tail gates during top coal caving by 3D numerical analysis The objective of this paper is to predict the stresses around the tail and main gates of Soma Eynez underground coal mine, located in Western part of Turkey.

In interwar Belgium, coal mining suffered a double, socioeconomic and environmental, crisis. The rise in coal production went along with increased mining damage. The cost of the damage became so high that mining companies were unable to bear it. ENVIRONMENTAL ISSUES OF COAL MINING INTRODUCTION Coal is the most abundant fuel resource in India.

Underground Coal Mining

It is the prime source of energy and perhaps the largest contributor to the industrial growth of the country.

Coal mining research paper
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