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Share via Email Looted treasure: The Victorians were decent people, moral people. The destruction of Benin City happened at the most irrational period in the history of the empire, when Britain competed with the French, Germans and Belgians to grab as much of the African continent as possible.

Although only made popular to Western audiences after the Punitive Expedition in the 19th century, Benin art has been in existing since or at least the 13th century. And then it was no more.

Chief S.O. Alonge – History of Benin

Most of all, the Victorians were moral about their empire. The Daily Mail, voice of popular imperialism, had been founded the year before.

To break the power of the monarchy and to end ritual practices, the British confiscated all of the royal art treasures, giving some to individual officers but taking most to auction in London to pay for the cost of the expedition.

Click on these animals to find out more. As a result, the possessions of the oba and his court became spoils of war. Instead of simply trading with African kingdoms, they wanted to take their land.

What can we learn from the art of Benin?

Find out how bronze statues were made 5. They were even moral about art - so much so that they missed out on the revolutionary art of the avant-garde being created in wicked Paris. The oba gently taps the ivory instrument, creating a rhythmic Art of benin to calm and dismiss unruly spirits from the kingdom.

There were guilds for wood carvers, ivory carvers, leather workers, blacksmiths and weavers. The empire for a long time was shoved out of historical memory, an embarrassment that, in the s, 70s and 80s, Britain wanted to forget.

British troops reported 18 altars dedicated to previous obas when they took possession of the palace in The European "discovery" of African art began with the British punitive expedition against Benin Art of benin It was, after all, a punitive expedition. It resembles one of those episodes of cultural misunderstanding that anthropologists love to tell.

A statue made from brass, showing Queen Idia wearing a coral headdress Craft workers in Benin used lots of different materials. Every roof is decorated with a small turret ending in a point, on which birds are standing, birds cast in copper with outspread wings.

There were plenty of ambiguities. These may have represented the Bird of Prophecy that Esigie, the 17th-century oba, or king, of Benin is said to have killed after the bird squawked of disaster as he set out to war.

Can you imagine how different they must have looked to the African people?Benin Art and Cultural life, Tradition, Ethnic group, history, People: Republic of Benin Jan 26, by Sampson Jerry.

Kindle Edition. $ Read this and over 1 million books with Kindle Unlimited. $ $ 9 00 to buy. Get it TODAY, Sep Borrow for free from your Kindle device. Join Amazon Prime. Art of Benin. Revised Edition. The art of Benin was made, as Ruskin said art should be made, in a spirit of community and faith, by anonymous craftsmen.

It shows. The Benin plaques and sculptures in the British Museum are at once imaginative and classical, with a compelling mixture of smoothness and sharpness, natural observation and unforced fantasy. Start studying Art of Benin - Kim Woods and Robin Mackie. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools.

The art of Benin Classroom resource Age 7– Uncover the famous bronzes from the royal palace in Benin – a glimpse of a thriving ancient civilisation. Includes information on the bronze plaques, gallery activities and a scheme of work.

Guide to Benin art Word, mb Guide to Benin art PDF, kb Gallery activities Word, kb Gallery. Europeans in Benin art were often shown holding a gun.

The craft workers of Benin often showed Europeans in their art. Most of these foreign figures have long. Note to students that, despite its name, the kingdom of Benin was located in southern Nigeria, not in the neighboring country of Benin.

Background on Benin Provide the students with background on this African kingdom, which flourished in the late s, and on the king of Benin, known as the oba.

Art of benin
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