An analysis of farming technologies in playing god in the garden by michael pollan

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These types of chemical products can pollute the air, erode the soil, destroy the soils fertility, and pollute the water. This is the same gene that organic farmers rely on for their plants and with the widespread use of it; insect can grow a resistance to the gene taking one of the things that the organic farmers have to use to protect their plants.

This new food supple will also affect the organic industry as well because they use the same Bt gene.

Michael Pollan – “Playing God in the Garden”

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In "The Feedlot," Michael Pollan's investigation into the industrial food chain leads him to Garden City, Kansas, an industrial feedlot.

Pollan makes several important distinctions, including the difference between solar-powered food and fossil fuel-powered food, between systems that produce food without problems and systems that produce food. Playing God in the Garden By Michael Pollan The New York Times Magazine, October 25, Planting.

Today I planted something new in my vegetable garden — something very new, as a matter of fact.

Gardening Means War By Michael Pollan The New York Times Magazine, June 19, I CAME TO THE COUNTRY from the city and brought along many of the city man’s easy ideas about the landscape and its inhabitants. May 16,  · Author Michael Pollan discusses his book about the ethics and ecology of eating.

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An analysis of farming technologies in playing god in the garden by michael pollan
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