A comparison of lockes and platos views on justice and how political power should be used to achieve

This was to have a profound and ongoing influence on Christian ethics. With this as a backdrop, we should be able to see what motivated Plato and Aristotle to seek a strong alternative.

The executive power is the power to make the judgments necessary to apply those rules to specific cases and administer force as directed by the rule Two Treatises 2. But, then, oligarchy is also intrinsically unjust insofar as it involves treating equals as unequal because of some contingent disparity, of birth, wealth, etc.

In order for the Guardians to live as one single family, Socrates argues that not only are men and women to be held in common, their children are to be held in common as well.

Political Justice: Plato and Aristotle

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In his masterpiece, The City of God, Augustine draws the dramatic conclusion from this position that the Roman Empire was never a truly just political society. Roover, Jakob De and S. The third, and final, wave Socrates discuses details who it is that he believes should rule in a just city.

Instead, consent is implied if the government itself functions in ways that show it is answerable to the people. While the master has authority over the servant, that must never be viewed as ownership or involve abuse.

Grube, 2 nd ed. A person who has good reason to think he will not change his beliefs even when persecuted has good reason to prevent the persecution scenario from ever happening. Aristotle views the polis, or city, as a political association or partnership. Similarly, a master must respect a servant as a person.

Adams followed a pattern President Washington had set. Hume offers us a unique and fascinating argument to prove his point. Brian Tienrey questions whether one needs to prioritize natural law or natural right since both typically function as corollaries.

In saying this, he argues that a city exists by nature Aristotle, It is controversial whether he also holds that self-interest should always be our fundamental motivation, which is ethical egoism.

He holds a very conservative view of property rights, in that, normally, people should be allowed to keep what they already have acquired. Instead, he emphasized testing proposed principles based on whether they would still fulfill their goal if universally applied by fallible human beings.

Many scholars reject this position. For Plato, the largest majority of men constitute unknowledgeable masses that persecute the very group that can best lead them, the philosophers.

Aristotle said, "The people at large should be sovereign rather than the few best" Hacker The second law of nature maintains that, in order to achieve peace with others, we must be willing to give up our right to harm them, so long as they agree to reciprocate by renouncing their right to harm us.

And, if he was not the founder of this secular religion, he clearly became its most effective evangelist.

Western Theories of Justice

It is not logical to think that children would be better people and that society would be a better place if children were taken from their mothers at birth and raised by wet nurses. He believed revolutionwas not only a right, but an obligation in some circumstances.

Plato's philosophy of education: Its implication for current education

Limits on the Just 7. Reason discovers a couple of basic laws of nature, indicating how we should prudently behave if we are to have any reasonable opportunity to survive, let alone to thrive. While this duty is consistent with requiring the poor to work for low wages, it does undermine the claim that those who have wealth have no social duties to others.Comparison of Plato and Aristotle's Political Theories, Free Study Guides and book notes including comprehensive chapter analysis, complete summary analysis, author biography information, character profiles, theme analysis, metaphor analysis, and top ten quotes on classic literature.

A Comparison of Locke's and Plato's Views on Justice and How Political Power Should Be Used to Achieve Power. Political Justice: Plato and Aristotle Aristotle views the polis, or city, as a political association or partnership.

Aristotle opens The Politics by saying, "every city is some sort of partnership", which "is constituted for the sake of some good.

they both strived to find a better way of life for society and hoped to achieve political. Plato’s Concept of Justice and Current Political Scenario in Pakistan Dr.

Shagufta Begum Every civilized society makes laws in order to achieve maximum good for each member of the society. A sense of wisdom and justice. Plato insists that one should perform the duty which has been assigned to him.

Only then we can attain harmony. This Essay Comparison Between Plato and Machiavelli and other 64,+ term papers, Machiavelli and Plato are two important figures within the political society. Though their views have their similarities and differences, both philosophers have brought ideas that our society is based upon today.

A ruler should do everything in his power /5(1). What is a summary of Plato's views on politics? Would he accept modern democracy? Update Cancel. ad by Lendio. Ancient democracy is the absolute, direct, immediate democracy in which the community of citizens exercises political power by itself.

and that by directing our minds to the nature of justice, virtue and holiness.

A comparison of lockes and platos views on justice and how political power should be used to achieve
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